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    Nano Silver Powder

    The nano silver powder is black and spherical. There is no obvious agglomeration. It can be used as the antibacterial material for health supplies, medical and household fabrics, etc. With large specific surface area and efficient autocatalytic function, it can adsorb on the surface of bacterial cells and hinder the normal metabolism and breeding of bacteria. Applying silver nanoparticles in reactions like ethylene oxidation or alcohol oxidation to produce aldehydes can significantly increase the reaction speed and efficiency. Electronic paste with superior performance can be made by silver nanoparticles. This is beneficial to the further optimization of the microelectronic technology. In addition, the ultra-fine nano silver powder can be used for cell staining and gene diagnosis in biopharmaceutics.

    TEM Test Result

    Particle Size Distribution

    Chemical Composition
    Grade Chemical Composition/%
    O Impurity Ag
    FAgN-20 <0.1 <0.3 Margin
    FAgN-50 <0.01 <0.3 Margin
    FAgN-80 <0.01 <0.3 Margin
    Note: The impurity includes B, Al, Si, Cr, Mn, Fe, Cu, Co, Ni, Mo, W, P, C, S and other elements. The specific chemical composition of the impurity can also be provided as per customers' request.
    Physical Properties
    Grade Median Diameter/nm Specific Surface Area/(m2/g) Bulk Density/(g/cm3)
    FAgN-20 <30 >20 0.04~5
    FAgN-50 ≥30~60 >15 0.05~0.7
    FAgN-80 ≥60~100 >8 0.06~0.8

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